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Dione SexySlider
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Dione SexySlider

Price: $10.00

Dione SexySlider is joomla!'s extension that allows you to organize very effective sliding of your images.

You can use 16 unique transition effects. This solution will satisfy the requirements even of a most exacting user.

Take a look at the demo page.

30 days of money back guarantee. Just try to use it

- joomla 1.5 Native Extension
- joomla 1.6 Native Extension
- joomla 1.7 Native Extension
- joomla 2.5 Native Extension
- Uses CSS 3 feature - nice viewing of images in all modern browsers
- Generates W3C valid XHTML and adds no JS global variables & passes JSLint
- Pure JS and PHP codes (no Flash)
- Possibility to avoid conflicts with other versions of libraries (JQuery, Mootols)
- Several customizable properties (you can apply options both in the template and on joomla!'s Back-End side)
- 16 unique transition effects
- Can display photos from a local folder
- Can display Flickr photos and Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API)
- Can display Picasa album photos
- Can display Photobucket albums
- Supports multiple galleries on one page
- Simple clean & valid markup
- Supports linking images
- HTML Captions
- Built in directional and control navigation
- Complete process control of sliding by means of many parameters (such as speed, timeout, animation type, orientation and many others)
- Keyboard Navigation
- Special debug functionality to analyze all the problems during two-three minutes
- If you have any ideas how we can improve this extension we'll add all the necessary changes as soon as possible.
- Our company guarantees you qualitative and timely support. Join thousands of happy customers.
- Contains detailed help. More information about using the product you can detect in our technical documentation (PDF format).

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