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Dione MagicCalendar
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Dione MagicCalendar

This product comes as a free extension

Dione MagicCalendar is a free highly configurable joomla!'s extension that allows to add a calendar functionality on your page.

You can customize date format and language, restrict the selectable date ranges and add buttons and other navigation options easily.

Take a look at the demo page.

- joomla 1.5 Native Extension
- Uses CSS 3 feature - nice viewing of images in all modern browsers - IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera
- Support of three various modes for viewing the calendar
- Possibility to customize date format and language
- Possibility to customize the product by means of many parameters
- Nice navigation of the extension
- Pure JS and PHP codes (no Flash)
- You can change parameters of the extension on joomla!'s Back-End side (and with the help of a template)
- Generates W3C valid XHTML and adds no JS global variables & passes JSLint


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