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Dione FormWizard
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Dione FormWizard

Price: $20.00

Dione FormWizard is joomla!'s extension that allows to create web forms easily with the help of a simple drag-and-drop editor.

This product gives you a possibility to create professional forms on pages of your joomla!’s article without requiring knowledge of HTML, MySQL and PHP.

Take a look at the demo page.

30 days of money back guarantee. Just try to use it

You can test the component using our Administrator Demo site

New version 6.9 for joomla! 3.0 is available right now

There are no any hidden payments. You pay it only once

Free updates within 1 year

You may get the extension for free! Follow the link to learn more about this!

  • joomla 1.5-1.7 Native Extension
  • joomla 2.5 Native Extension
  • joomla 3.0 Native Extension
  • Comes together with the content plugin and module
  • Messages can be displayed using the following languages:
    It refers to validation messages, calendar text, all available label and text messages
  • Extremely comfortable and easy editor for the form's items creation
  • Drag and drop (DnD) mechanism to interact with items
  • Trial version (it is allowed to add three form's elements only)
  • One predefined form is included to the build
  • Used joomla Framework API to implement all major functionality (including functions used for email notifications)
  • Improved compatibility with jQuery and Mootools frameworks
  • Compatible with joomla Extensions Manager (all updates can be automatically applied)
  • Can be used a various type of the form fields: drop-down, textarea, check-box groups, radio groups, custom HTML field
  • Form parameters can be redefined: to display or not titles, a link after the form submit, thank texts and others
  • Validation of input fields using AJAX calls
  • Preview mode for the just created form
  • Editing form elements on fly
  • Email notification settings (a content might be dynamically generated)
  • Built-in reCaptcha
  • Built-in Securimage
  • Built-in FileUpload
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Built-in Color Picker
  • Built-in Custom HTML
  • Submitted data can be exported using PDF, XLS or CSV formats
  • Dynamic table to manage statistic data after the form submit (Back-End side)
  • Possibility to obtain geodata of all submitters
  • Form 'Clone' functionality
  • Form 'Backup/Restore' functionality
  • Stylish notification messages after all the form's status changes
  • Generated forms are accessible and compliant with xHTML standards
  • Forms data displayed in the front-end as specific layout
  • Form layout with drag and drop functionality for every field
  • Uses CSS 3 feature - nice viewing of forms in all modern browsers - IE 7+, Firefox 9+, Chrome, Opera
  • Generates W3C valid XHTML and adds no JS global variables & passes JSLint
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Frequently updated
  • Fast & effective support
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